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Sheet Metal/ Aluminium

Integrated fabrication solution designed per customers specific design requirements. Are you looking for someone to tape out custom steel metal parts for your product or application?

Fully equipped manufacturing facility to develop custom solutions

How does it work?

AEAB has a complete manufacturing equipment setup to build bespoke fabricated components for our customers. 

We build designs of 2D/3D models using Solidworks and have a array of manufacturing equipment ranging from lazer cutters, 

CNC Bending, MIG, TIG , and spot welding equipment to realize a final product. 

Customers are required to specify what coat they would like. They can choose Powder coating conforming to RAL, IS shades in glossy, matte or any other texture.


We perform thorough checks as per stringent quality standards to provide high-quality product builds to our customers.

Metal Parts

Material and Thickness

MS Sheet (Pre-galvanized): 3mm

MS/CS Sheet: 10mm

SS Sheet: 5mm

Aluminium Sheet: 4mm

Copper Sheet: 3mm

Brass Sheet: 3mm


Non-Metal Parts

Materials: Acrylic, Double color Board,Plexiglas, Common Glass

Marble, Granite Tile

Bamboo & Wood

Leather, Rubber

Artistic Gifts, Crystal Etc

Size: 1000x700mm

Shape: Any shape by ACAD


Our Equipment

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