AEAB offers full spectrum  Instrumentation solution for all type of Industry. Not only we offer Instruments  as loose supply but we offer Integrated  C&I solution. We ensure total compatibility between Field Instruments and Control system when customer procures C&I from AEAB.
Instrumentation is as well offered stand alone solution and  we provide all support to customer in terms of compatibility with the control system when separately procured by our customers.

We provide  services to our esteemed customers in:

  • Selection and Sizing of all type of Sensors.
  • Selection of all types of Transducers.
  • Developing Installation Hook Ups of Instruments  with BOQ.
  • Liquid and Gas Analytical solution.
  • Vibration Monitoring System
  • C&I Cable specifications,Quantity estimates.
  • Instrument Piping/Tubing, Instrument Air distribution solution
  • UPS, AC/DC Power Distribution solution
  • Integration of PAS, CCTV, AAQMS.

We also undertake Installation and Commissioning of the offered Instrumentation packages. Arrange calibration of the Instruments at site or separately.

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